Hartranft pushes results in Oakland.

(Madera, CA, January 17th, 2022) – Twisted Tea/H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance racing had a productive night in Oakland, Ca, for the second round of the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. Returning to the Colosseum for the first time in 3 years, the crowd was excited to have supercross back, and the pits opened back up. Brandon Hartranft led the way for the team with two intense races, finishing 16th on the night.

Brandon Hartranft #41 – In his second year racing the 450 supercross class, the 23-year-old is starting to catch his stride and show us his potential getting better each time out on the track and making it straight into the main event from his heat race, where he locked down 8th place after a good start. Brandon carried that momentum into the main event with an intense 20-minute moto, overcoming a bad gate pick and battling his way into 16th place, pushing his pace until the final lap.

“Much better day for me than Anaheim,” said Brandon Hartranft. “I am making progress every time I’m out there on the track. I went right through the heat, had a decent start, and battled my whole way in 8th place. So that was good for me. In the main event, I was on the outside. I didn’t get a good start, but I fought hard the whole main event. I finished 16th overall, which is my best overall in the 450 class. I believe I got a lot more in me and want to show it. I’m looking forward to San Diego.”

Justin Bogle #19 – Dealing with the tragic loss of a close friend and trainer, Justin Bogle was resilient in his effort throughout the day. In qualifying, Justin quickly got the track down. Bogle had his best race of the night in the heat after getting a good jump off the gate and quickly locking down 7th place. In the main event, Bogle put forth a strong effort, but as the race went on was overcome with emotions and made an early exit.

Adam Enticknap #722 – The fan favorite, “Seven-Deuce-Deuce,” looked very good in Oakland despite missing the main event. On the fringe of a transfer spot all day, Adam looked to lock in the final race before the main event. In 3rd place with only a minute plus two laps to go, Enticknap got utterly cleaned out by the 4th place transfer rider. Fortunately, Adam was okay and able to ride off, but he did not make the main event.

“Tonight was definitely better for me in Oakland,” said Adam Enticknap. “Felt good early getting the track down as the day went on, getting jumps down that I wanted to, which set me up real nice for the night program. I didn’t get the best heat start I wanted, which didn’t help me. I worked my way up a little bit made some moves but didn’t ride like I wanted to ride. In the LCQ I got a great jump off the gate. It was awesome. I poked it in there had a little spurt coming into the first corner. I was racing great in 3rd before being completely taken out by the guy in 4th. That ended my night, and I wish I had that main event. I’m looking forward to a great stadium and a great city next week in San Diego.”

“Solid building night in Oakland this past weekend,” said Team Manager Dustin Pipes. “Brandon continues to get better and is knocking on the door of the next level. Justin had a trying day’ having to cope with a personal tragedy and compete with the best racers in the world at the same time. The results don’t show what he’s capable of, but the team was proud of his resiliency and willingness to compete. Adam rode well today, and it was unfortunate for him to have his results on the night determined by another race’s dumb move. The ball is rolling going into the next round, and I feel we are only picking up steam from here.”

Twisted Tea/H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance heads back to southern California for the third round of the 2022 Monster Energy A.M.A. Supercross series at Petco Park in downtown San Diego.

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