Insurance pair of top 15’s in Anaheim, CA.

(Madera, CA, January 31st, 2022) – The fourth round of the 2022 Monster Energy A.M.A. Supercross series did not disappoint this past Saturday night in Anaheim, California. Brandon Hartranft continues to make steady gains in his sophomore year on a 450cc with another personal best in 12th place, and Justin Bogle got the ball rolling with 14th place overall.

Brandon Hartranft #41 – Making steady gains weekend to weekend; Hartranft put on his best result yet in the 450cc premier class in his young career. Brandon carried the momentum from the previous round over into Anaheim. Brandon had a strong race in his heat with a good start and finished in 7th place. Hartranft got another strong start in the main event and put himself in the mix. Brandon pushed the entire race and finished in 12th place with his best result in the 450cc premiere class.

“Qualifying went pretty smooth for me,” said Brandon Hartranft. “Solid gate pick in the heat. I got a great start was in 7th, road it home for the main. The main event I had a decent start drove it in made some block passes. Road around 11th and 12th all 20 minuites, very consistent for me, my best riding so far, and I feel I have a lot in me. We aren’t done yet.”

Justin Bogle #19 – Strong result from Bogle in Anaheim with his best result this season. Bogle got a bad start in his heat race and found himself in the back of the pack in the first lap. Justin quickly did his best to remedy the situation and pushed into the top ten but unfortunately missed qualifying by one position. In the L.C.Q., Bogle got the job done with 4th place. In the main event, Bogle had a good start, put himself inside the top 15 the entire race, finishing in 14th place.  

“The day started out rough for me,” said Justin Bogle, “I struggled all day, I had some issues in practice, I barely made it into the main event, which was rough. I was able to pull it together in the main event. Got a good start and had a good result with 14th. It’s not where we want to be, but moving forward, we got a starting point. For more main events and consistent results.”

Adam Enticknap #722 – The fan-favorite “Seven-Deuce-Deuce” didn’t have his best round in Anaheim, missing the main event by a few positions. However, Adam showed lots of improvements this round from the first three but could not get the starts he needed to put himself in a transfer position.  

“Practice and qualifying went really good for me,” said Adam Enticknap. “As far as racing goes, the results don’t show, but it was night and day for me racing. I feel like I just road better all day. From the crash and getting taken out the previous rounds I feel like my body is a lot better. I came up short in the L.C.Q., got a bad start but pushed into the top ten, but I got taken out, and that was a wrap for me. I have a lot of confidence going forward into the next round.”

“Another step in the right direction at round 4,” said Dustin Pipes. “Brandon continues to set a new career-high, and his riding has continued to progress throughout this first part of the season. I’m happy with his mindset and confidence throughout race day. Total 180 compared to the young rookie last season. Justin fought through a tough day to finish with a solid result. In the first qualifying session, a mechanical set him back going into the night show, but he rode like a professional in the main event, putting in a solid 20 minutes. For how his season has gone so far, it was a step in the right direction. We’ll continue to test and get better throughout the week with hopes of continued improvement.”

Twisted Tea/H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance leaves California for the first time in 2022, heading to Glendale, Arizona, for the 5th round of the 2022 Monster Energy A.M.A. Supercross series.

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